Sherry CorderySherry Cordery

Director Marketing, Holy Redeemer Health System



Meet the idea machine

A skilled consensus builder and relentless idea generator, Sherry discovers creative ways to present the best message to the right audiences. When they’re poised to be receptive. And whether she’s focusing on marketing, communications, brand management, or all three, her ideas consistently generate significant growth for her partners. Over the years many have turned to Sherry for help defining their brand super-powers. Meanwhile Sherry has been refining her own brand super-power to invigorate her distinctive fearless style.

100% Human

Everyone has their take on Experience Design. And everyone defines it a little differently. But a common denominator characterizes the flood of white papers and opinions. XD is about creating a highly personal connection. Sherry appreciates that, “You don’t forge this kind of connection by doing the minimum.” Instead she believes, “When you go above and beyond and deliver the unexpected, something personal happens. It’s not icing. At Spark! the connection is forged on an intuitive human level. Today we’re so enamoured by technology we sometimes lose our humanity. You can feel authenticity through and through.”

Actions speak louder than words

Even though she’s always busy, this multi-tasker has always nurtured her humanity. As a foster parent, volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, or rescuing dogs, Sherry believes in giving back. And doing good. Good words are worth much and cost little. But for Sherry good deeds are, well ... priceless.

Sherry’s Transformation

BS, Marketing Communications, Hartwick College


Marketing: Finance, Technology, Healthcare and Non-profit arenas Core Values: Leadership, Strategy, Accountability, Activation


Director Marketing Services, Holy Redeemer Health System
Sparks: Trust, Inspiration, Empowerment