Patrice MorrisPatrice Morris

Dean, Holy Redeemer U and Experience U


Listen up

At Spark! Patrice’s main focus is leading and customizing experience learning and promoting organizational change through experience learning. OK, maybe that’s a mouthful, but she’s heard an earful. Coaching self expression with richly diverse populations in contrasting cultures, she’s learned to hear how others really feel. Beneath the noise. Above the chaos. Regardless, Patrice always makes justice paramount. Through her work with non-profits and boards, local and state correctional institutions, corporate consultancies, and university programs, she’s been around her share of conflict. But, strife has made her a resolution builder, delving deeper to find, and dissolve, the barriers to change.

Live it

For Patrice Experience Design is an intentional way of engaging. “We need to be thoughtful about how we act, what we say, and what we do in all our relationships. Mindfulness isn’t something casual we switch on. Or off. It’s ever-present, and all-encompassing. And it matters to our life and those around us. I’ve experienced authenticity firsthand with an aging parent in long term care at Holy Redeemer. Being on the receiving side of the experience, I know there’s no substitute for the trust you forge with a positive engagement.”

Hello blue skies

Patrice is a big believer that everyone has the capacity to imagine and live the change they want to be. And see. Even if they’ve never given it a second thought. At Spark! our refreshing space empowers transformation. With energizing colors, soaring ceilings, and joyful imagery, our campus sparks something sustainable in everyone. Collaborating with Patrice and her team, participants feel a connection with what they really want. Meanwhile we plot the doable dots of how to get there. In a world where chaos and judgement are accepted, Patrice injects the vital blue sky we need to thrive. Not just survive.

Unexpected, eclectic and energetic, Patrice’s background has laid the paving stones that have led to the thoughtful leader she is today.

Patrice’s Transformation

Bachelor of Arts degree from Lincoln University (PA)


Master of Social Work degree from University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work


The Partnership decades: Alignment with diverse populations and environments:
● Non-profit organizations and boards
● Employed by local and state correctional institutions
● Corporate consulting and training
● Preceptor for accredited university undergraduate and graduate programs


2001 joined Holy Redeemer Health System
Sparks: Relationship building, Collaboration, Innovation, Authenticity, Courage, Inspiration, Persistence