Karen Price OwenKaren Price Owen

Vice President, Marketing and Brand Storytelling & Program Director, Life Story Coach, Holy Redeemer Health System


Karen: The skinny version

Karen’s title is hard to remember. It doesn’t align neatly on a business card. But, slimming Karen’s story to a singular statement takes restraint. With a role that embraces marketing, strategy, operations and coaching, Karen’s clearly well rounded. That’s a lot of multi-tasking. And a lot of different terrain. But, in the spirit of simplicity, her core comes down to attracting new customers and cultivating existing patients to become advocates.

Shine on

When you inject Experience Design into the mix, that’s when experiences get compelling and everything jumps above and beyond expectations. And this lift is what really energizes Karen’s sense of purpose. Karen knows there’s no upside to shrinking so that others don’t feel insecure. She’s not immodest. She’s just seen what happens when we expose our vulnerabilites. “When we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same,” Karen shares. “Spark! is the safe sanctuary where everyone can breath their dream and make it real. And that’s about as potent as it gets.”

The magnificent seven

Smack dab in the middle of seven children, Karen quickly grasped the power of relationship negotiation. Maybe that’s what led this twin to become a Life Coach. Armed with this intuition, she’s passionate about seeing employees and consumers suceed, and exceed, through personal development. All too often employees feel disconnected. But Karen’s a natural at threading new connections that help even the lost, reclaim their true nature. Ask around and the compliments include leadership, a keen strategic compass and her (almost) irrational positivity. Seamlessly morphing from leader to coach mode, she thrives on developing team members to do, and be their best. And that’s excactly what Karen lives up to.

Like most, Karen’s career track has been leading to her best self with every touchpoint. Now Karen’s in the unique position to go viral with her skills and share her unique gifts.

Karen’s Transformation

BA in Communications at Old Dominion University


Strategy Development: Core Values: Perspective, Focus, Insight


Marketing and planning consulting: Core Values: Logic, Patience, Alignment


Nonprofit and cultural leadership: Core Values: Empathy, Passion, Collaboration


Vice President, Marketing and Brand Storytelling & Program Director Life Story Coach, Holy Redeemer Health System
Sparks: Trust, Positivity, Fearlessness