Jack DempsterJack Dempster

VP Facilities & Construction at Holy Redeemer Health System


Watch this space

Jack’s an emotional architect. For us that’s a good thing. Because he’s all about evoking an emotional connection through thoughtful, memorable design. His spaces are unexpected. Entrances just hint at what’s beyond. Details pull you in. Senses come to life. Walls wind towards interesting sub plots. Ceilings soar to illuminate more. And people feel the start of a real engagement. For Jack this is sensory architecture at it’s best.

Spark all the senses

Experience design for this spatial thinker sparks an emotive, environmental connection. “When a space works, processes work harder” Jack explains. “Every space has the opportunity to be more interesting. It’s not about big budgets. It’s about Intentionally designing small interest points to start an engagement. Every space tells a story. Spark! is a campus with a farm. Our iconic oak tree is our core. And our quiet rock garden is a testimony to everything our founding Sisters overcame. It’s a heritage site with sights on creating new narratives. Spark! energizes the story.”

Do more. Waste less

Jack believes anyone can make a splash with splashy budgets. With responsibility for over 35 facilities and 80 capital improvements, Jack jumps seamlessly from micro details to macro decisions. Practicing stewardship and teamwork, he’s found you really can inspire more with less. Maybe it’s the challenge of restraint that attracts him to Project Runway. After all, it’s where vision, spirit and the details can unravel – or align. And for Jack, when everything aligns that’s a successful project.

Jack’s Transformation

BA (Architecture) Princeton University


Master of Architecture (M Arch.), Architecture


Project Architect, Project Manager, CADD Director
Core Values: Spatial thinking, Design excellence, Budget control


Director Facilities Planning and Construction
Core Values: Integration, Accountability, Leadership


VP Facilities and Construction, HRHS
Sparks: Collaboration, Confidence, Inspiration