Christine HoltChris(tine) Holt

Chief Experience Officer (CXO) 


Chris is into everything

Because as Chief Experience Officer for Holy Redeemer Health System and Spark!, she’s quite literally into everything. Every distinct experience. Every touchpoint. And every possible interaction that connects people with our brand promise. Remarkably, she does it all without espresso. Overseeing marketing, recruitment, the employee university or construction and design initiatives, Chris is constantly scanning the brandscape for more. Never complacent, she instills a fresh perspective pushing professional partners to embrace the new, whether that’s with wit, words, ways or wisdom.

Keeping the fizz

Many organizations allege to have brand promises. But somewhere along the way they fizzle. And flop. Chris knows that robust promises stick when you transform employees into believers. “By inspiring your people how to deliver an experience from their authentic self, even the disenchanted become passionate,” she explains. Combining creativity and humanism, Chris is a leader. Teaching people how to deliver a resonating brand experience that aligns with their individual sense of self and the company’s vision, creates a seismic cultural shift. When people feel it they believe it. And believers are the charismatic brand advocates every organization wants.

Knit one. Purl one. Fly one.

But, Chris isn’t all business. She’s a giver – in her extended family, her community and beyond. She’s been to Latin America helping her church group leading students in delivering a sports camp for underserved children. And currently she’s helping her son select the perfect flight school. Clearly high altitude dreams run in the family. Because now someone’s teaching her to fly. How she finds time to learn to knit, or fly sky high is a mystery. But, why this big picture visionary finds the 10,000 foot perspective freeing, well that’s how she flies. In addition, she is currently training to be a board certified Family Life Coach to fulfill her dream of helping families live their values by giving back to the community.

Everyone’s career takes a different course. But, reviewing a lifetime of work, we come to understand how different roles have ignited us in different ways, shaping how we interact today.

Chris’ Transformation

BS Science in Marketing and Finance, St Joseph’s University


MBA Health Care Administration
MSHealthcare Finance, Temple university
Core Values: Focus, Drive, Desire


Long-term Care Administrator
Core Values: Compassion, Empathy, Resilience


Marketing Director, Nazareth Hospital and The Rothman Institute
Core Values: Synergy, Positivism. Collaboration


2006 VP of Marketing & Public Affairs, HRHS
Core Values: Cross-learning, Community Conscience, Hope


Chief Experience Officer, HRHS/Spark!
Sparks: Authenticity, Passion, Trust