Bernadette MyslinskiBernadette Myslinski

Senior Director of Talent Management at Holy Redeemer Health System



Bio Logical

Bernadette’s back story is rooted in hospitals, health care and home care. In these arenas she’s diligently honed her skills in recruitment, onboarding, talent management and human resources. But her real skill is drawing out the skills of others. This astute listener knows behind every resume there’s a human story. By sharing her humanism and humor, Bernadette’s gift is guiding others to tell their biography.

Getting personal

The more you read the more you discover. Experience Design is its own thing. It has its own unique language. And sometimes comes with its share of mystery. But, at Spark! Bernadette believes the essence of Experience Design is simple. “It’s about losing the layers and nurturing the core,” she explains. “The basis of experience design has everything to do with connections. And learning someone’s story. When you get their story and hear between the lines, then everything gets more personal. Generic connections don’t work. Only personal connections promote trust.”

HR redefined: Human Relationships

Bernadette was made for HR. She’s drawn to people. And drawing them out. She’s less about resources and all about respectful relationships. Dealing with all kinds of people from all walks of life, she’s found everyone wants one thing. Authenticity. A real relationship. Anyone can dial up a superficial smile and a handshake. But Bernadette dials into what really matters.

Bernadette philosophy is to always listen and make real conversation.

Similarly Ben Franklin believed: “A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you may never get over.”

By planting healthy roots, Bernadette’s career path has forged strong connections along the way.

Bernadette’s Transformation

BSN Nursing Holy Family University


Recruiter: Hospitals, Home Care & Hospice arenas
Core Values: Compassion, Energy, Empathy


Director of Human Resources: Home Care & Hospice
Core Values: Listening, Leading, Inspiring change


Director of Recruitment & Retention

Core Values: Talent magnet, Trust builder, Connector


Senior Director of Talent Management
Sparks: Trust, Passion, Advocacy