Getting behind the resume

It used to be the resume was the be all – and potential end all. Confusing and contradictory lists of do’s floated on web sites. And even longer lists of don’ts circulated between job-seekers. Seminars promised how to to develop an attention-grabbing one-pager. But no one really shared how to let your inner self shine when you got to the interview.

Of course a resume matters. It’s a necessary filter to ensure you’re up to the ask and can do the task. But I believe the person behind the resume matters more. Because that’s the person who’ll eventually be showing up and interacting with co-workers, customers and prospects. That’s who’ll impact your brand touchpoints by shaping memorable experiences.

So how do you encourage an applicant to reveal their authentic self? Start by sitting next to the person. Create an intimate setting that encourages eye contact and puts everyone at ease. Avoid interuptions. And note-taking. Have a conversation, not an inquisition. And be yourself. You want your applicant to be real, so you should be approachable too.

Lose the layers. Nurture the core

The aim is to create a relationship. Becoming a good listener takes practice. Try not to fill every moment with corporate chatter or generic speak. You’ll soon find that even the most reserved applicant has a story to tell. Your role is to provide the space and the trust to encourage their narrative.

Interviewing all kinds of people from all walks of life, I’ve found everyone wants one thing. Authenticity. Anyone can dial up a superficial smile and a handshake. But when you dial into what really matters you both feel it. Generic connections don’t work. Only personal connections promote trust.

BERNADETTE MYSLINSKI, Senior Director of Talent Management at Holy Redeemer Health System has learned how to draw out the most inspired version of her organization’s talent. Learn more here.

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