The Future of Talent

Despite the hype, technology is probably not your most important asset. Talent is. Because high touch arenas like healthcare that revolve around human interactions need to attract, reward and keep top talent. It’s an evergreen, fluid process. Talent attraction requires empathy. Meanwhile talent retention takes insight. We all need to keep discovering and aligning talents and passions. We need to be offering fresh opportunities for growth, leadership and self-discovery. And to be the provider of choice, we need to provide an above and beyond experience. For everyone.

Please touch

You’ve poured over data. Invested in marketing. And agonized over branding. But have you analyzed all your talent touchpoints? Every interaction and service delivered is a unique opportunity for promoting mission, values and brand. It’s also an opportunity to overlook success and under-deliver.

Under. And over

Under-delivering against expectations is hard to forget. And combined with over-promising, it can be a big brand miss. At Spark! we recommend every organization invests in experiential training that enhances interactions and work relationships. We’ve proven that the right training builds common knowledge and understanding about your pivotal touchpoints. By immersing individuals and teams in real world practices you can deliver unique, exceptional, memorable experiences. And these experiences have the power to build confidence and market share.

Here at Holy Redeemer we’ve learned that talent training is everything. Whether we’re focusing on patient, resident and client surveys and stories or safety and quality indicators, we ensure all our talent understands their part. We rigorously connect the dots for employees with regulatory and reimbursement requirements. And we scour employee survey feedback for how we can do more. Learning for ourselves, and now teaching others, Spark! helps you ensure talented transformations at every touchpoint.

Learn here how BERNADETTE MYSLINSKI, Senior Director of Talent Management at Holy Redeemer Health System knows how to attract, draw out and retain talent.