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Skip the dark roast

Has your Monday-morning-self been showing up to work? Maybe you blame the rain, early meetings or late nights. Maybe you believe that a change of job would change everything. Fact is, with a little Spark!, you, your entire team, and even your whole organization can show up energized, and inspired... without an extra shot of caffeine from the nearest Starbucks.

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When we bring our very best, most essential selves to our work, a transformation happens. Inside us and those around us. When we’re fully present and sure of who we are, we’re happy. We start connecting with others on a level that’s interesting, engaging and memorable. Human-to-human interactions become more meaningful and real trust ignites.

Bring out your dreams (the ones you didn’t even know you had)

At Spark! our certified Life Coaches are seasoned experts at coaxing our essential selves out into the open. It happens through a proven process we call Life Story Coaching. This allows you to go confidently in the direction of your dreams and passions, driving you to be your absolute best. Every day.

Through Life Story Coaching you can set a new course that taps into dreams and passions. Even subtle directional shifts can contribute to life and work in new, exciting ways. When we are at our best and engage with others we create positive, authentic, life-changing human connections. And that changes everything.

KAREN PRICE OWEN is Vice President, Marketing and Program Director, Life Story Coaching at Holy Redeemer Health System and Spark!

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One afternoon. One open mind. One big desire to change.
And Done. Foundations of Transformation identifies your inner passion and transforms you into the one force you knew you could be.

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