Transforming the Future of Culture

Spark a Cultural Evolution

Enter a building and the first thing you feel is the company’s culture. Maybe it’s sedate and serious. Frenetic and fun. Unwelcoming and cold. Or even blah and boring. Whatever the vibe, culture makes a powerful impact on your employees, customers, community and reputation.

So what is culture? Simply put, it’s an embodiment of your brand promise – the pledge you make, and keep, with your prospects and customers. A brand promise doesn’t just show up for powerpoints and the annual meeting. It’s a living, breathing entity. It’s your unique brand asset. And it reflects who you want your organization to be and how you aspire to relate at every touchpoint. Think of it as your core ethos that guides all your thoughts, words and actions. More importantly, remember it contours your collective future.

Find Your Mantra Tantra

So where do you start? Do you even know if you have a culture? Maybe your culture is fractured, failing or lost. Maybe it’s wallowing in the past. Thriving cultures consistently track back to their mission statement. A good mission should express what you do and what you want to be known for. It frames your goals for your employees, customers, community and beyond. With rampant innovation and seismic business shifts, missions can change so it’s critical to keep them relevant. Remember, mission statements are not trendy hype, or generic and stale, but memorable mantras that reflect a purposeful goal.

Get Real

Meanwhile, your Culture Affirmation is a close relative to your master mission. This cultural statement is authentic, meaningful and exclusive. It should be born from the past, but face the future. Yes, it can be aspirational, but it has to be realistic and relevant. Above all it should be honest, unique and really matter.

Cultural clarity makes it easier to sync your beliefs and behaviors with individuals, products, services and space. Anything and everything that represents your organization should embody the mission. Creating a healthy culture generates a positive emotional connection with customers, employees and your community.

Christine Holt, CXO, Spark! Transformation Center

I’m no newcomer to Experience Design. As a nationally recognized speaker and Chief Experience Officer for the Spark! Transformation Center and Holy Redeemer Health System, I’ve transformed people, places and processes nationwide. So, let’s talk about sparking a cultural evolution within your organization. Start something real and call 215-344-9055.

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