Challenging the status quo.

Your business or organization was born from an idea, a need, a cause, a goal or other unifying mission. Intentionally or not, your company also possesses a ‘brand,’ or personality, that should inform and infuse everything you do. Some organizations nurture that brand, others more or less neglect it. But when crafted and used correctly, that brand can be one of your most powerful assets, becoming the real face and driver of your organization. SPARK! is here to help you bring your brand to life, and help you live and express it through every action, interaction and touch point, every day.

The reasons why organizations and businesses like yours come to us, initially, vary. But what is consistent is the sense that they – that you – could be doing things better. More efficiently. More compassionately. More intelligently. More consistently. More imaginatively. More whatever. Our mission is to first help you determine and understand what your group’s true brand essence really is.


Only then can we begin to break down, and eventually re-imagine, whatever facet of your organization’s operation needs changing. Between our creative staff experts, role-specific consultants and your input, we create a forward-reaching plan of initiatives unique to you. An immersive experience that can lead to transformational changes in how your people react with customers, how your public spaces are designed, how every point of your business, inside and out, is an honest and compelling expression of who you are. In other words, your best you.

Our services can be broken down into five Futures: of Culture, Story, Learning, Talent and You. The entire process is best fully described in personal discussions. But here is a quick overview of key areas of how we will assess and re-imagine your organization:

Service Re-Imagination – re-thinking current services or designing them anew

Dreamscaping – redesigning People, Process, Place in a particular service area

Employee Educational Experiences – designing interactive educational programs based on Experience concepts

Recruitment Re-Imagined as a Talent Agency – turning traditional interview styles into Experience-based, audition-style interactions

Life Story Coaching – helping participants set a new life course and contribute to the company in new ways.