We wanted a transformation. We may have started a revolution.

Before there was SPARK! Transformation Center, there was Holy Redeemer Health System with a pressing need to think differently. The year was 2012 We were successful, we did some amazing work, we cared deeply for our employees and patients. But something was missing. We knew we could deliver even better service, in more inspiring ways and environments, with more clarity of mission and greater satisfaction for our people and our customers. The ensuing journey forward inspired us to create SPARK!.

It’s exactly because that journey was so remarkable that we began to imagine how we could help other health care systems – any company, really – make a similar transformation. So in October 2016, we opened SPARK! Transformation with a commitment to help organizations make the positive changes necessary to crystallize and reactive their true brand essence.

Now, what was so transformational about our initial journey? Through a combination of thoughtful learning, shared experiences and engagement, we were able to draw out the passions and ignite the best of all those who touch Holy Redeemer. Guided by the theme of “My. Life. Story.,” we underwent a cultural transformation to embrace change as an opportunity for education, growth, engagement and meaning.

Through the process, our mission – and then our brand – came into better focus. Rather than seeing it as merely change for change’s sake, we had found a way to make our brand actually come alive, with tangible ways to ‘live our brand’ every day. The results were, shall we say, transformational. And we are ready to share the experience.

Meet the SPARK! Team