COVID-19 (coronavirus) UPDATE:

To protect the health and safety of our employees, visitors, patients and residents we have put in place new meeting guidelines. If you have a question regarding a meeting at Spark, please contact

Prior to completing the request form below please consider the following guidelines related to COVID-19:

  • When possible, all meetings should be conducted virtually using videoconferencing or conference calls. 
  • When a virtual meeting is not possible, gathering size should be limited to a number where attendees can maintain a social distance of 6 feet. Any in-person meetings held at Spark will be approved based on availability and only if a distance of 6’ per person is able to be achieved.
  • All guests will be screened for temperature and symptoms prior to being granted access to the building.

For all in-person meetings, the participants must be vaccinated. It is the responsibility of the meeting organizer to verify vaccination status. If participants are not vaccinated they are welcome to join the meeting via a virtual platform.

Experience Request Form

Through an immersive experience, together we create a forward-reaching plan of initiatives unique to you and your goals that can lead to transformational changes in people, places and process.

To begin your experience request for services and/or space at Spark, please start by filling in the request form below.

Please note this form initiates your request and allows the Experience Design Team to properly assess availability of team members and/or space. Once your request is received, an Experience Design Team member will be in touch to gather further information for your experience.

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